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Cosmos PC-Controlled Systems
Robotic PTZ Cameras & Video
Mixers For Live Production

Used in Government, Worship,
Studios, Theaters, and Clubs

Computer-controlled PTZ cameras and video switcher/mixer with Cosmos software. Easy to set up and install for one operator; optional network-remote control.
Up to seven cams. Personal service and over 20 years experience with live production systems.

Combine up to 7 PTZ Cams like Sony SRG-300 and BRC-H900, Bolin VCC-7, or PTZ Optics
with HD video mixers from Datavideo & Roland
and Cosmos PC software to control the cameras and switcher from one seat.
Our HDTitler system is a great option for any of these these switchers, too.

Cosmos S12
Cosmos V1

Sony's robotic cameras with Datavideo or Roland HD video switcher for performance, reliability, and value. If you need something a bit different, please call to talk over your ideas.
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NEW! Android Video Titling & Camera Control Technology

Android Android Android
HDTitler CamRobot ReCosmos

CamMotion Single-Cameras & PC Software PTZ Controller

Control pan/tilt/zoom cameras with CamMotion PC software, direct and (optional) net-remote.

We also have software for many Sony standard def and early hi-def legacy cameras (EVI-D30, D70, D80, D90, D100, HD1, H100S, etc.), pan-tilt units and other devices. If you need to control equipment you don't see here, please call.

High Definition

SRG300H & 300S
BRC-Z330 , Z700 , H900 Cam


Legacy SD

Please Call

Top-quality Sony pan/tilt/zoom cameras with affordable prices that include CamMotion control software. CamMotion software also available for owners of existing cameras. Upgradable to Cosmos multi-camera systems with video mixer.
We appreciate you helping us out with the 4th camera and we are looking forward to do business with you in the future. For your information the camera system and software are operating properly and the experience using your system has been great. Thanks, (August, 2020)
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DVD Control Products

PolyDVD Control Multiple Pioneer DVD Players
DVD and VCR Editing Edit from DVD to VCR or VCR to VCR
ELX1 Powerful Support Software for Pioneer PVR-LX1 DVD Recorder

About Videobotics
805 769 8291 - California

We develop technology to control video equipment (robotic cameras, switchers, titlers, and more) direct from a PC and remotely over LAN/internet. Our most popular product application is the Cosmos multi-camera live video production systems using Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. We've supplied systems for churches, government, theaters, schools, clubs, conference rooms, and research/industrial applications since 1999 - using the best robotic cameras, switchers, players, and PTZ control software. We work with customers who want small economical systems and others who need to control advanced broadcast video setups - from small churches to CBS television. Videobotics takes pride in great service and reliable customer support. Call to discuss your ideas and we'll take the time you need to address your specific application.
Need an affordable single- or multi-camera system for your church, school, studio, or city government? Call. For fully outsourced managed services (remote video production and webcasting for government) please call. Customer Feedback

About Our Art Deco Video Cameras

The artistic images of abstract Art Deco video cameras on our logo banner are the work of Betty Braverman, who painted these images in tempera as poster designs in 1937 - long before there were any robotic video cameras, but with a vision to the future. If you like modern American art of that period, you may enjoy the web site that features these images and many other paintings and interesting works of art created from 1933 - 1946: Betty Braverman Art
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